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Enjoy the show during your dinner time !

Experience the Dinner with show services..

Find the real Bali with us is the precious moment. You need to complete this precious moment with the best cuisine and delicious meals served when you enjoy the incredible traditional dance performances and amazing attractions. Best time to experience all of this, is on your dinner with show. We offers very interesting things for you which is different from other tours companies with affordable price.

  1. Dinner on Legong dance show. Something that you can not deny is the precious moment for your dinner which served during Legong Dance show. Dinner with traditional show is surely something that unique and you can not experience in other places. The dance perform at some prestigious restaurant which held all around Ubud. You simply enjoy the dance performance as well as your dinner. Basically, the dance started with two young girls (who have not yet entered puberty). Their rapid eye movements and fluttering fingers is the most attractive movements. The dancers move perfectly in synch of The Gamelan. It is very unique dinner with the show.
  2. Kecak Dance and Fire Dance. Your dinner with the show will become a new experience after you are hypnotized at Kecak Dance performance which is the most dramatic show amongst Balinese attractions. You got more excited at the end of the dance when the monkey prince leaped over hot fire. You can enjoy this performances with stunning view of Indian ocean and the amazing Uluwatu temple. As it is the dinner with show, but the exciting Kecak dance are “served” before you dinner, so you headed for Jimbaran Bay for your perfect dinner with freshly catched seafood and best cuisine ever. With sand beneath your feet and thunderous waves crashing so close to your table, it become your precious moment, the unforgettable yet. Balinese with its ambience, dance performance and various meal as well as traditional food, is a perfect dinner with show for your memorable holiday.

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