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BLT 15: Legong Dance


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18.00 p.m. (Approx. 05 hours)

The classical Legong Kraton Dance was performed for king’s entertainment. It is performed by three girls dressed in gold brocades and flowered headdresses. The story tells King Lasem kidnapped Princess Rangkasari, the daughter of Daha King. Her brother demanded King Lasem to set her free otherwise facing a war but the king refused. On the way to the war he met an eagle that was a bad omen and eventually he was killed. Other dances will also be performed such as: Baris Warrior dance, Tambulilingan Bumble Bee Dance etc. (Sumptuous dinner will be provided in a local restaurant nearby, just for price1).

Day 1

18.00 p.m. (Approx. 05 hours)

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