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BLT 16: Kecak (Monkey) and Fire Dance


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17.30 p.m. (Approx.4 hours)

We will witness the performance of Monkey (Kechak) Dance, the most unique dance among Balinese dances. It is not accompanied by any instrumental music, but by a male chorus performed by over 70 men. Their hands and torso movements with sudden jerks swaying back and forth illuminated by torchlight, gives an unreal impression. In the middle of the circular stage, The Ramayana Story will be performed as the Hindu version of Romeo and Juliet but with happy ending. Afterwards will be performed Sang Hyang Dedari (Heavenly Nymphs) Dance in which two pre pubescent girls will dance the same and unison movements with closed eyes, and Sang Hyang Jaran (Fire) Dance in which the dancer while in trance will dance over a bonfire made of coconut husks without getting hurt.

Day 1

17.30 p.m. (Approx.4 hours)

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