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BLT 17: Morning Dolphin Tour


USD 50

IDR 550.000


03.30 a.m. (08 hours)

In the early morning we will drive you to the northern beach of Bali, to the beach resort of Lovina (means Love Indonesia). By motorboat we go to see the attraction of the friendly dancing dolphins, welcoming the morning sun. Afterwards we will have breakfast at a local restaurant and then we will take you to Banjar village to see Brahma Vihara Buddhist Monastery and The Banjar Hot Spring. On the way back we will pass Pupuan and Belimbing villages noted as the rice bowls of Bali.


Day 1

3.30 a.m. (8 hours)

Includes :

  • USD 50
  • IDR 550.000

Exclude :

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Total $ 50 USD
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